What I Didn’t Do

On Saturday, I went to town to do our grocery shopping. After I had finished running a few errands and doing the shopping, I was on my way out of Kroger’s parking lot to head home. There was a man with a sign. You know the one. “Family in Need. Need Job and Food.” I looked at him. I made up all kinds of reasons why I couldn’t stop. {I had to hurry and get home to my family. I am just a little girl. We don’t have much either. He might just be standing there and not really trying to improve life.}

I didn’t stop.

I felt God telling me to stop; and then to turn around and I didn’t. Since Saturday I have thought about this so many times and I feel terrible. I should have stopped. I should have given him a bag of groceries. I should have asked him if he knows Jesus. I should have prayed with him. I made all those excuses, but what if he does really need food? What if I could have helped that family? It was a busy intersection and nothing most likely would have happened. My family could have waited a few more minutes for me to get home.

I pray that someone did stop and that that man now has a job. I pray that God will forgive me for not stopping. I pray that the next time I am led to do something I don’t make excuses. Right now, I am not happy with what I didn’t do and I want to change that. I want to do the Lord’s work. I will if He just gives me another chance.

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