Back on Track

This year, school organization and preparation has evaded me. I usually am ready to start ordering curriculum a couple of weeks after we finish in the spring and I start planning the next school year then. This year I did nothing until I realized that fall is indeed upon us and all the public and private schools were starting. I still did not have any of our books a week ago. I didn’t have my planner. I didn’t even really have a plan. (Truth be told, I kind of thought maybe we would be sending our kids to school, even though I don’t want to. It was just in the back of my mind, so I was hesitant to plan and purchase and get my hopes up. But, here we are, beginning another year at home and I for one am glad.)

So, with the realization that I needed to get going, I sat down to make a plan. I started gathering books and searching for cheaper books and I ordered my planner.

It isn’t all here (or even ordered yet) but we decided to make today our official first day of school. Kameron is doing preschool work, Taylor is going to be working on second grade Math and Language Arts, and Kristopher will be doing fifth grade Math and Language Arts. Since we use My Father’s World, both Taylor and Kristopher will be doing the same history, bible, and science work (but working at their own levels). This year will be Rome to the Reformation and we will learn all about the human body in science. One of our books is called The Wonderful Way Babies are Made. I foresee many fun conversations this year! We started easy today with some Spelling and Math. Each day we’ll do just a little bit more as things arrive. I plan to be in full swing starting August 27th. Tomorrow night, hopefully, we will be attending a local homeschool group that we haven’t been to before to see about joining.

Even though I am not ready for this year, I am looking forward to it. Today went well and no one complained about the work that I gave them. I even took them to pick out pretty binders for the year and they thought that was fun. I hope all of you are having a great start to your year and even if you don’t have a plan, like me, that you enjoy the months to come! Happy schooling to all!

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