I’m ready to feel normal again. I had a wisdom tooth pulled by an oral surgeon last Thursday. I went that route so that I could be asleep and I’m so glad that I did. Since it was pulled I’ve been miserable though. Either I’m super wimpy or it really hurts bad to have a tooth pulled. I’ve been told that I’m on the old side for having teeth pulled and that it takes longer to heal. I’ve also been told I have dry socket, which while it hurts really badly to me, it sounds like dry socket hurts more than this. It’s hard to know. Anyway, I had it packed today with some lovely medicine soaked guaze. That hurt something terrible too! The rest of the day I have had little to no pain though, so I guess it was a good thing to go through. Hoping it will heal quickly now and that I will not have the pain that makes it so that I can’t even function and just want to cry all day anymore.

While we’re on the subject of normal, I think I have found a new normal for being under the weather. The last several times I have had an ailment or just not felt good I have fled to my sewing machine. I abandon all responsibility and instead of laying in bed like a regular sick/hurt person I want to sew. This week while I’ve felt so poorly I have started making some doll clothes for the doll Taylor is getting for her birthday. You may remember that when she received a Bitty Baby I made it some clothes. Well, she is going to get an American Girl doll, Julie, for her birthday in 2 weeks from Grandpa. Once again, we aren’t going to shell out the big bucks for a few pieces of clothing for the doll. So far I have made 2 dresses and almost finished a sweater and 2 pairs of pants.

The blue dress is made using this shirt tutorial (adding length) and using one of Taylor’s old Gap dresses. I loved the dress and there was a big stain on it making it unsuitable for resale, so I turned it into a doll dress. Now I can still see it and it can be loved. I am hoping that the sleeves are okay on it since they didn’t work out quite right.

The orange dress is made using the Tea Party doll dress from Oliver + S Little Things To Sew. This book has so many great patterns in it. This one was very easy to follow and I am so happy with the way it turned out. The dress has a blind hem, the first I’ve done, so I even learned a new technique. The fabric is Erin McMorris’ Weekends for Free Spirit.

For the pants I used the other half of the tutorial from the shirt. I added a little width to the bottom of the pants so they wouldn’t be so tight at the bottom, we’re going for bootcut. They still need a waistband and maybe a hem at the bottom. I might just leave them raw too. the sweater was made using one of my old sweaters that the moths got to. I used the shirt tutorial above. It was so easy to make this. Still need to add a closure of some kind, probably a button and loop or snap. All of the fabric on the pants and sweater is from recycled clothing. I keep a box of sweaters and tee shirts to use for projects and it was nice to have all that free stuff to use!

Next up will be some dolly panties and a bubble skirt for the doll and my girl (hopefully) and a notebook cover for Kameron. Then I’ll be ready for birthdays!

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