First day of School!

I’m late in posting these (and taking them). Yesterday was our official first day, but I took their pictures today. Better late than never!

And then, all together:


In other news, Kristopher chipped one of his front teeth. His permanent front teeth. He did this last Thursday, by hitting it on the metal ladder at the pool. It hasn’t been hurting him, so we made an appointment for two weeks from now to have it fixed, I hope. I hope it doesn’t break over and over again and bother him his entire life. I am not sure how chipped teeth are fixed. I notice it, but I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures above or not. Anyway, hopefully it will be fixed and fine and won’t cause problems with the braces that he will have to get in the next year. We had that appointment a few days before this happened and he still has 3 baby teeth to lose before they will put them on. So, pray for that situation, please!

Happy first day of school to all my public school teacher friends tomorrow! And happy homeschooling to all my friends going through the trenches with me. Peace to you all as you begin or keep on going!

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