This little guy turned 5 today! He was so excited about his birthday this year because he “gets to do whatever he wants to”. We aren’t having big parties for any of the kids this year, because that wears a momma out really fast with four parties a year! So, for his birthday Kameron opened gifts as soon as he woke up, played his new Angry Birds board game most of the morning and afternoon, watched his sister practice gymnastics (part of her birthday present), and went to the drive in to watch Planes. He didn’t get his requested birthday dinner (chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese) because we ate at the drive in, but I will make that tonight. We had chocolate cupcakes with gold sprinkles at the drive in. He had a good birthday and got to spend time with his best friend, which is all he really wanted. A boy after my own heart! Presents are fun, but people are more important. I love him so much!

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