Yarn Along in the New Year


I got some fun goodies for Christmas this year and couldn’t wait to read and use them. I have been a Soulemama reader since before she started Taproot, but I never ordered it before. I have been missing out! This is a beautifully done magazine for the farm/family/handcraft lover. Best thing is there are no advertisements! I have been reading the articles and there is a knitting and sewing and other craft project. The hat I am knitting is the knitting project in this one, Hats for All and I’m doing the double rib version. this will be for Kyler, since he needs a new hat. The yarn I’m using is Briggs and Little 100% wool.


I also bought myself Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. I am enjoying reading it when I have time. Her blog is wonderful and encouraging and I wanted to read more. We are in full reorganization and clean up mode here. I am feeling the need to purge a lot of stuff, possibly because of the intake of so much more for Christmas. I need to get all of that done this week so it won’t interfere with schoolwork next week! Have a beautiful new year! Happy day!

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